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"An artist is someone who combines pieces of the outer world with his inner voice." - Lucie

Installation , Paintings , Sculpture , Video Art

Protected: 2022-2023 | in Progress / Mother of thousand

In the exile, Persian carpet’s motifs are talking with me. The geometrical floral shapes of islamic art are moving and telling the story of people in Iran. ... My recent art works are telling the stories of what is actually happening in my country.


2022 | Ode To Spring بهاریه

Here the long-laboring Earth at last gives birth. From apparent death, a new and lovely world is born; Below the desert’s dusty floor, the jacinth imprisoned lies. The stony wilderness so bleak and bare, in ageless patience broods, aware of a life within, the promise of fertility and abundance. Ever longing for deliverance. The world at last reveals its destiny.

Paintings , Sculpture

2021 | Valley of knowledge

Here is a dreamy land where birds are set free and the flowers and Fiona grow and are allowed to reach their bloom. Rene's Raw geological formations, and landscapes oscillate between harmony and tension, perhaps mystical but at the same time naturalistic.


2020/2021 | Valley of Knowledge معرفت

This collection was made using broken utensils that were discarded in a pottery class due to a crack or minor fault and sometimes because they were not claimed. When I looked at them, I remembered parts of the story of The Conference of the Birds, by Farid Oddin Attar Neishabouri, the story of Thirty birds that set out on the path of discovery, many of whom failed to reach their destination. And here they are.


2021 | Valley of Knowledge

Moving between abstraction and figuration and free forms, Rene Saheb’s dense and Multicolored paintings, hint at her subconscious. A release, a journey through a prima valley, where her inner self is unfolded and Knowledge is sought and found.


2019 | Tongue Elephant

Elephant Tongue project is the Next Series with the concept of DamDami' / In Kalekent Ceramic Art Residency , Bodrum


2018 | Maidenhair Tree

survivor from the atomic bomb in Hiroshima.

Installation , Sculpture

2018 | Listen To The Cane

Installation , Paintings , Sculpture

2018 | Listen To The Cane

When you plant Bamboo seeds and water it, it takes 5-years to sprout .During these years it runs its roots through the soil,...


2018 | Nightmare in Dream

My mother sometimes tells me stories of back when she was pregnant with me , She tells me about how our city was being bombarded during the Iran-Iraq war And I think this performance reflects how I felt as a fetus in her.


2017 | Khorram Shahr’

Khorramshahr is the name of the city where was ravaged by Iraq .The name of the city means "city of happiness" but durring the first year of war came to be known as  "khooninshahr" that means " city of blood".


2017 | Laleh


2017 | Neither Carries Nor Flies نه باری و نه پروازی .. فقط باری

When told to carry a load, the ostrich was a bird; when told to fly, he was a camel.


2016 | See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil

The three wise monkeys are a Japanese pictorial maxim, embodying the proverbial principle "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil".


2016 | نی رنگی

نی رنگي ها ساز جدايي ميزنند و همه در چرا هستند / 2016


2013 | From chicken milk to human milk شیرمٌرغ

This sculpture is part of the series of works (Korsi-Sher) that are based on proverbs inspired by the poetry of Iran.  From chicken milk to human milk

korsi sher Aaran gallery گالری پروژه های آران نمایشگاه نقاشی رنه صاحب قدم کرسی شعر

2013 | Korsi Sher کرسی شعر

Korsi- Sher is a series of works that are based on proverbs inspired by the poetry of Iran.They are fables, animal tales with a moral, dramatic personae that behave like people, communicating ideas or truth in a metaphorical manner.

haji firuz

2012 | Mullah firouz

ḤĀJI FIRUZ / (Mullah Firouz) , the most famous among the traditional folk entertainers, who appears in the Persian streets in the days preceding Nowruz.


2010 | Human Trafficking

These paintings are about children who were sexually abused and the people who have suffered from trafficking.