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"Valley of Knowledge" Inspired by "The Conference of the Birds."

In broken ceramics from pottery classes, I saw hints of Farid al-Din Attar's classic story about birds on a quest. These birds, from ancient Iran, each had their own challenges. They were searching for the Simorgh, a symbol of enlightenment.

Attar's stories often highlight beauty in flaws. This is something I wanted to show with my ceramic pieces. One story about a lover who doesn’t see his loved one's tiny imperfection really moved me. It reminded me how we often see what we want to.

While many birds in the story reach their goal, I was inspired by those that didn't. Their failed journeys told a different tale about persistence and learning from mistakes.

My 25-piece series, "Valley of Knowledge," is all about this. It's a tribute to Attar’s deep stories and the birds that didn't make it. Just like the birds and my ceramics, we're all on a journey, embracing life's ups and downs, always seeking understanding.

In words of Farid Oddin Attar Neishabouri;
May the sun of knowledge shine from the sphere of this great path
Let each one see for himself
Recover infact your inner self

از مجموعه وادی معرفت

این مجموعه از ظروف مصرفی شکسته‌ای شکل گرفته که در کلاس سفالگری به خاطر یک ترک خورد‌گی و شکست و
یا گاه نداشتن نام و نشان به دور انداخته شدند. وقتی نگاهشان کردم قسمت‌هایی از داستان سی مرغی که در سفر پرندگان
عطار نیشابوری پا در مسیر هفت وادی گذاشتند اما بسیاری از آنها از ادامه مسیر بازماندند، به یادم آمد.
اینان مرغانی از آن وادی‌اند که به مقصد نرسیدند.

چون بتابد آفتاب معرفت
از سپهر این ره عالی‌صفت
هر یکی بینا شود بر قدر خویش
بازیابد در حقیقت صدر خویش
عطار نیشابوری